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To make the growth of Soy in VF/CEA feasible, there is going to need to be a lot of research done! We would love to discuss, with your institution, the types of work that could be done and the benefits of doing so. 

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For soy to be a viable vertical crop, the first job is to prove that it will successfully grow in CEA. Then we can move on to optimisation. Finally, but very importantly, we need to look at the business model. 

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Current soy farming is substantially supported by and reliant upon policy measures. A soy VF future would need these policy measures to survive and thrive. Can you help to identify how soy VF can access them? 

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Your city or region could be the future soy VF hub. Help us bring all the stakeholders together. We can inform your teams, hold workshops with you and other stakeholders, and together we can make soy VF a reality!

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