Mark Horler

We are two agriculture enthusiasts and passionate about environmental protection, social equity and innovative solutions without disregard of our past and present.


We believe that Vertical Farming has great potential to make a positive difference, but that to fully realise that potential, we must look beyond the current economic orthodoxy, to bigger ideas of what can be achieved. This project is intended to be one of those bigger ideas. 

We are working together since June 2016,  collaborated during conferences and organised workshops on Vertical Farming. 



Chief Thinker of Things

Located in Beith, Scotland,

 Also founded

Has ideas and moments of inspiration. Gets excited in meetings & conversations. Evangelises. 

Chief Knower of Things
Located in Malmö, Sweden, Kerstin studies Cities, Networks, and Agriculture. She is curious by nature and passionate about learning, listening and sharing. And alpacas.

Kerstin Schreiber

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